Man tries to build Mac Pro equivalent with PC parts...

*shakes fist* DAMN YOU, APPLE TAX--- o wait.

a snippet:

after tabulating all the major component costs (plus another $99.99 US for Windows 8 Pro), we are at a total of around $11,530.54 US using today’s prices at retailers that actually stock the hardware. I’m not afraid to admit that compared to the asking price of $9,599 US, the new Mac Pro seems like one heckuva deal for these components. Everything is tested to work properly together (versus some of our unknown incompatibilities with this potential build), and a highly proprietary design that is small enough to fit into a carry on bag, with twice the amount of registered memory (32GB vs 64GB ECC). You simply can’t build a smaller form factor PC that matches the Mac Pro today.

Apple has created an extremely specialized machine that appeals to high end workstation enthusiasts, with current top spec components, for less than the price of its PC DIY counterparts. Because it’s so small, it’s almost like the "anti-workstation" because you typically expect that class of system to be larger. But on the downside, the internal design begs you to attach things to it, instead of locking everything inside. So security of your peripherals starts to become an issue in office/public environments. But a non-issue in your own private studio/workspace.