What's the deal with having two Windows stores?

So I picked up a Dell Venue 8 Pro as I wanted to see how much the Windows ecosystem has matured in the tablet space and many of my previous issues seem to be either improved or being improved. However I noticed it was a bit odd when I tried to do a search for several apps, some games some business applications and noticed that the business apps were found on the Windows Store, yet the games were mostly in the Windows Phone Store and since I didn't have a phone but a tablet I didn't have access to them.

What?????? So the stores are segmented? What sense does that make? So I did some research and sure enough Microsoft has stated tehy were working on merging the two stores but this was early 2013 when they said this. It's Q4 2013, this is quite the mess and honestly a put off for the entire Windows on tablets push.

Is there more to this mess and am I just jumping the gun here as I'm coming from (and still involved) in the Android ecosystem and I ain't liking what i see on the store front.