Suggestions for latop using Solidworks.

I'm looking to upgrade some of the older computers at my job, most are just simple desktops so those are easy enough to do but I have one user who uses a laptop and would like to be able to run an extra copy of Solidworks we have on it.

It doesn't have to run great, just adequate, as he will be using the Solidworks mostly on the weekends to brush up on his engineering skills. The majority of the time it will be to do regular old office work; outlook, web, and a virtual machine of NT (I must keep alive an ancient inventory system sadly).

Any suggestions, I'm not very familiar with Solidworks other than knowing more RAM and a faster CPU is better. But at the same time I'm not looking to spend 3K on it either. Doesn't matter if it's new or used anything would be a huge upgrade for this guy so he'll be happy with almost anything. Thanks in advance.