Does Microsoft provide the best ecosystem ever ?

I mean that Microsoft does really provide the best ecosystem. They developed everything. If you want to play games you get and Xbox. If you want to search the net you go on Bing. If you want to build a presentation you open Power-Point. No matter what you want to do on your computer Microsoft provides pretty decent stuff for all the basic needs and not only computer. Yes I'm looking at you windows phone and xbox. Something that no other company has achieved yet. What do you guys think about this ? Is this a smart move from Microsoft to build so many products and services or should they focus on their best products only ? Like keep going with windows 8 and xbox and leave stuff like Bing and windows phone. And what about us ? Shall we lock ourselves in Microsoft's world and, as any Microsoft fan would do, try to use only their products ? Or shall we open ourselves and use everything out there when Microsoft fails to provide the best experience ?