Mobile Contact-less payments in the UK

I felt like I had to put this somewhere and seeing as NFC is integrated part of Android and Google have Wallet, I thought this would be the best place.

In the UK, for the last couple of years we have been promised mobile contact-less payments and every time the rumoured deadline comes nothing happens. So when the visa advert came out displaying mobile contact-less payments, with the small text saying it will be available in December 2013 I was excited.

New VISA ad 2013 Fell Faster Flow Faster - Queen Don't Stop Me Now (via sebinnuendo)

It even states it at the bottom of this link

It is now the end of December and there has not even been a hint on this new payment app. I thought that when Orange and Barclaycard teamed up to build Quick Tap, it would be the start of the race, but all that's happened is EE teaming up with MasterCard to bring EE Tap, with both apps being only compatible with a few phones, only on their carrier and from the reviews rather buggy.

Even searching to find what the banks are doing for pilot tests have come up short. NatWest are doing a very small pilot for iPhone's, which don't have NFC, so have to use an NFC case. Barclay's have one where you put an NFC enabled sticker on your phone, which is missing the point.

Google Wallet has again been rumoured to be coming out in January, but nothing has been said so I don't have high hopes.

Why is it this hard to bring it out to the mass population in the UK when the technology is already there being used in other Countries?