Google Play Music and Artist Information

I love Google Music. I love the design, functionality, and its ease of use, both on Android and via the web app. But, I think it's missing one crucial design element: information on artists and albums.

Let's look at the screenshot below.


With the artist Imagine Dragons selected, we are presented with a cover photo at the top, and below we have the option to either view all songs or to select an individual album. But where's the info about the artist? Typing 'Imagine Dragons' into Google presents me with a wealth of information, albeit from Wikipedia. For instance:


Why doesn't this happen in the app? Why, when I type Imagine Dragons into Google Music, can it not look like this?


  • Tapping on 'Dan Reynolds' would result in an expanded window within the app, with a brief bio of the artist, and provided further links for the user at the end, ie. Wikipedia entry and Twitter feed.
  • Tapping on one of the highlighted songs, eg 'Demons', would result in the song being played if found in user's library or through All Access. If not, a preview from the Play Store can be heard.
  • Tapping the arrow would show a further wealth of information shown in a Google search. For instance:

So, would you see this as a welcome update to the Google Play Music, or see it more as pure superficial clutter? Let me know in the comments below!

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