So which phone manufacturer will Canon work with and who with Nikon?

I've been waiting and watching for this to occur and I'm super stoked to think of the possibilities. I think Samsung will continue on their own path but I believe that HTC would do itself a HUGE favor if they knocked on Canon's door and said, "Hey, let's do a phone together.". It would have the cachet of Canon's name and hopefully access to all of the R&D on lenses, mirrorless, sensors, and so on that Canon has created over their long history. The same would be true for an HTC/Nikon phone. True camera heads would have to have the phone with their camera manufacturer of choice. And with the current top end phone cams turning out fairly decent images(Galaxy S4, iPhone, Lumia) the bar is already pretty high, so getting in bed with one of the big boys would really help solidify/grow a phone manufacturers place in camera heads wish lists. I would also be happy with a Fuji/HTC phone. Can anyone say Fujinon One? Nah, maybe not but you get the idea.

Does anyone else have any other dream hookups of phone/camera/video or other HW companies? We have all seen the Beats deal so what else can be mashed up?