Online photo backup options. AKA: Everpix is dead and everything is a mess.

Everpix was a beautiful thing, but now it's dead, and no clear replacement has stepped up to be amazing.

I personally have about ten years worth of iPhoto pictures, an ever-increasing stack of pictures from my GoPro, and an out-of-control photo library on my iPhone. I used to take a lot of care to keep my iPhoto library clean and organized, but with all the shooting on my phone and Photostream automatically populating my library, that's grown a bit out of control.

Today, google released an automatic photo-backup app for OS X that drops photos into your Google+/Picasa library. Other storage services with online access like Picturelife and Shutterfly exist, but don't seem to be the media darlings that Everpix was. Flickr is offering a ton of storage, but it seems like there's a catch. I'd love to start keeping all my work safe and accessible in the cloud, but I don't know where to turn.

What are you guys using to back up your photo libraries online?