Anyone with an Apple TV also have a ROKU 3?

Currently experimenting with my jailbroken ATV 2, but I was just wondering if anyone also uses a ROKU 3?

The ATV2 is awesome with iTunes Movies, Airplay, and just how smooth the user experience is. But frankly, a jb ATV2 even with XBMC can only do so much when it comes to streaming. It's also quite slow and clunky.

I'm very attracted to the variety of channels available on ROKU. Is it worth it? I know some services overlap between the two devices, but dang... it has a ton of channels. I just wonder if it's more quantity than it is quality. VUDU and Amazon capabilities are tempting. Not too keen on HULU+ because I've heard about ads playing during movies... TV shows I understand, but movies? F'real?

So yeah, I know ROKU for anyone without an ATV is amazing, but how about for someone that does have an ATV?

I'm new to the jailbroken ATV scene, so I'm not quite sure what apps I can install on it yet.

Oh, if anyone's wondering, yes, I use PLEX, but I'm much more interested in streaming content online rather than downloading movies locally and streaming that way.