Surface TV Idea -

Microsoft will have to make a TV sometime in the future, Samsung is already there, Apple will be there soon. And Microsoft cannot afford to lose another market.

For starters I am thinking he surface brand should be used for two high end TVs : Surface TV and Surface TV Plus

One should be 42" the other 60"

Both 1080p, Bluetooth, WiFi, 4HDMI, 1VGA, 2USB, 1Ethernet more..?

I think they should share a design with the Surface pro, made of Vapor Mag material and angled edges. Instead of a kickstand have something to make all the ports facing downwards (cuz a TV does not need a kickstand)

Make sure the TV can be used with the general wall mount (obviously)

Also, it should be a must have to have a built in Kinect on the top of the TV

And, I don't know much about sound bars, but I think having one on the bottom of the TV would be neat, would be disconnected or bought separately.

Of course this is just a thought on the hardware, the software will need quite a bit of work also.

Let me know your thoughts?

How much would it cost to produce such a device? How thin can it get? Heat management?