What about an iphone nano

One thing that really bought it home to me about smaller phones, was using my girlfriends iphone 4 again to shoot some pictures, after using my ipad 3 for a while. I loved the smaller size, how discreet it was, easier to handle and get close up shots, less prone to acting like a sail in higher wind situations.

This got me thinking about an even smaller iphone in the range of 3-3.5 inches, with a tiny bezel to enhance the effect so it's mainly just a screen, still have similar specs to the 5s/c within the size constraints, and have comparable optics, this would be important to me. I remember a few years back reading about a patent for macs with a camera integrated behind the screen, maybe touch i.d could be mounted behind the display or if that's a few years out, have it on the back of the phone.

I think that htc started a trend for large smartphones with the evo, it's got to the point where I believe there is a niche for a smaller, powerful, discreet smartphone. Easy to stash in pockets, handbags or mini manbags and good for getting stuff done like photography, field recording, getting creative on the go without being spotted from the horizon, like I am with my ipad and many off you are with your windows and android behemoths.

After this gen I get the feeling the 3.5 inch iphone will be a thing of the past, which will be a shame, iphone 5 is a good size, I'd even like to see a 4.3 - 4.5 inch option but I'd love a nano. I've read speculation for a few years about apple releasing a smaller and larger iphone, would be good to see three sizes or just two with a bigger ipod touch. Anyone else like a smaller smartphone, ios, android or windows?