Are OEMs losing interest in Windows?

As someone who is following everything Windows (Windows 8, Windows RT, WP) since the launch of Windows phone in 2010, I observed that OEMs are losing interest in Windows gradually.

Windows 8(2012): Almost every OEM had multiple Windows 8/RT tablets.

HP, Dell, ASUS, Samsung, ACER, Lenovo had multiple no. of tablets with Windows 8 last year. The problem was atom was underpowered for most of the tasks especially desktop. Its same with tegra 3 or S4.

Also, they priced these products ridiculously which made many of them DOA.

Windows 8.1(2013):

All the OEMs ignored Windows RT completely though we cant blame them.

Microsoft reduced the price of Windows 8.1 license for the tablets less than 11 inch.

Bay trail helped a lot with performance and making desktop usable while keeping the power consumption lower.

Except for Dell, other OEMs seems not interested in Windows any more when it comes to tablets.

Positives: There are some good products at great prices this time.

Dell venue 8 pro, ASUS T100, Dell venue 11 pro, Lenovo miix2, HP Omni 10.

Negatives: Below confirms the OEMs lack of interest in Windows.

  • Where is HP Omni 10 to purchase? Why not even a products page for it on HP website (we need to search for it separately). It showed up online at Microsoft store but now out of stock. I doubt it really sold out or any one bought it.
  • A look at HP tablet page shows you 4 tablets and one of them windows. But when its also an android tablet.
  • Lenovo released 3 tablets/convertibles last year. Now they only released single tablet (miix 2) with 8.1 but its rarely available for purchase. They are not even selling it on their own site.
  • ASUS released 3 tablets last year but only one this year (ASUS T100). I am sure its selling better than all the 3 previous models combined but why they are not releasing any 8 inch tablets?
  • ACER released 2 last year and they were one of the few OEMs to have devices on right time last year,but they only announced one (w4 8 inch) this year which is no where to be seen.
  • Samsung released 3 last year and none this year. This is major loss for Windows and Microsoft because Samsung can really market their products if they want. They are selling tons of android tablets even with worse specs than competition.

Only thing at this point of time that can bring back OEMs is the success of devices like Dell Venue 8 Pro and ASUS T100.

Some of these OEMs are waiting for an update for Windows 8.1 in Q1 which enables 64 bit for Bay trail atoms but I am afraid it wont change things much because of the probable higher price of those devices.

Windows phone was able to grow because of great efforts of Nokia but I don't see such efforts from any of the OEMs for Windows.

What do you guys think?