Can a 3GS be a proper present?

I have my used and just retired SGS2, and my GFs a bit sooner retired 3GS.

I wanna give the SGS2 to my brother, who for some reasons so far thought a smartphone and its contract is a far too expensive thing to have and relies on a prepaid dumbphone.

On the other hand, I have my more than 60 yr old mum, who also owns a dumbphone, but is actually interested in technology - I recently got her a Zenbook and she loves it. But she as well has never had any smartphone. My father is quite Scottish (despite being German) and is happy with his super cheap LG phone (Optimus One AFAIK).

So my question to you is, what I am worried about - will the 3GS look/feel/bheave inferior to my SGS2 (with the latest CM)? I don't wanna give my mum a second tier present. But before anyone suggest getting her a new phone, I clearly don't have the money for a Moto G or anything like that. There are 3 more siblings and another family.