Recent Gaming Disappointment in the Past Months

As 2013 is coming to a close, many games have been released this year a well as the newest additions to the console world with the next gen, PS4 and Xbox One. PS4 and Xbox One have sold over 3.2 millions consoles combined world wide since their releases.

Many titles have been released this year but most of them have not met most gamers needs of excitement and joy to play as recent games over the years. Call of Duty: Ghosts is the newest addition to the extremely succesful video game line but has not competed with its recent games. Black Ops 2 (COD release the year before) was also a disappointment. Ever since the major hit , Modern Warfare 2 ,the Call of Duty series has never been the same. The games have lacked realism and online gameplay experience. Don't be mistaken, Call of Duty is very succesful and has high quality games an have improved their single player experience, online functions such as Host migration and bug issues, But the in game feel is not the same, according to most players.

Battlefield 4 has also been having major issues with bus and lag issues and there have been many glitches in the gameplay. The single player does not match up to it's earlier release, Battlefield 3. Multiplayer has been having major issues and single player has not seemed to satisfy most of its players.

Also, GTA V is one of the bet games this year but some people do not like the new multiplayer concept compared GTA IV's multiplayer where it was just a game where u messed around and had fun. Personally I love the new GTA V multiplayer but do miss the old one at times.