Microsoft: to Apple or to Google? That is the question

Microsoft has to decide what it wants to become, Google or apple. It can’t be both. We are in a world where software is free, Google destroyed the notion of paying for software, and so has apple to a lesser degree.

Microsoft can decided, do we want to make consumers pay for our hardware with service bundles, be like apple. OEMS will no longer be willing to pay for consumer software in this new world.

Microsoft can also decide, do we want to be like Google, make consumers pay with personal data and advertising. Making windows free and going all in on adverting.

My opinion Microsoft has a better chance at being Google then it does apple. But with all the shots Microsoft has taken at Google for their business model, that would be a hard pill to swallow.

One way Microsoft can try to combine the two is try to be Apple with nokia, while also getting their services on as many platforms as possible? But with the age of bundling and ecosystems how does Microsoft services beat out the same more well known services of Google that is tied to free operating systems.

What do you guys think, can Microsoft combined the two business models?

If Microsoft goes the Apple route, Google basically wins the only battle they care about, the market share battle.

I want competition above all, and outside of a few areas its hard to see how Microsoft is going to compete in this new consumer world of apple and Google.