iPad 2 - DO NOT buy it any more!

I am just posting this to sort of "warn" people who are thinking of buying the iPad 2.

It is pretty much the worst thing you can do.

Even if it is 100$ cheaper that the iPad Air.

It has disadvantages only

1) No Retina Display

2) Old 30pin Dock Connector

3) No LTE (not relevant to a few of you)

4) 16 GB only

5) And one of the worst thing. Relativly bad performance and graphics compared to the new iPad Air /Mini models.

6) No Siri (maybe not used by a lot of you but I found it quite important to list here)

So. Don't consider buying an iPad 2.

Spend 100 bucks more and get the Air or maybe the Mini with Retina.

I'm sure you won't regret it in any way whatsoever!