Ok guys, here`s the thing. I should be working but unfortunately Apple has forced me to complain.

I own a 2013 11" Haswell MacBook Air and an old iPad 3 (for Apple and tech standards, it now belongs in a museum).

First, the MBA: I was so excited for having tried Mavericks Beta - and it was so quick and sleek.

Reality: I installed this "free OSX, Goodbye Microsoft, good luck with Windows 8.1" and started having Internet issues.


My WiFi was so slow that I installed Windows 8.1 and had no further issues with Microsoft`s OS (yeah, on my MacBook Air - let me tell you it is, as Mr. Jobs would put it, just beautiful).

Meanwhile, on Mavericks, there were times my Internet just would not work (just when I shifted straight to Windows!).

Now I just downgraded to Mountain Lion and the Internet is screaming again.

Shame on you, California.

Ok, last but not least: my "old" iPad 3 (and not gold, since it was so quickly succeeded by an iPad 4...).

Having tested both iOS 6 and 7 and I`m finally convinced it just does not run as smoothly as it did back then when I just started using it.

Apple should allow us to downgrade to iOS6, since, at least for me, the iOS experience has everything to do with smoothness and I should say that I quite miss this feature.

Oddly enough, my iPhone 4S runs 99% smooth (compared to a 5S, of course) while my iPad is quite a bit more quirky.

Go home Apple, you`re so slow and looking like a drunk bum.