A month with my 5S..

So, Its been like a month since I purchased my 5S and I love every single aspect of it. I love every minute attention to detail done by Apple. Things like:

1. Hardware Ringer switch: This is something I cannot live without. Its just so handy and I am very impressed with detail attention it has got from Apple. First its placed at perfect location right above volume keys. Second, there is a visual orange colour band right behind the switch which indicate the phone is in silent mode, without even switching the phone on.

2. I just love how beautifully Control center has been able to merge the Music widget and Toggles. I have my friends using Android and the most common widgets which every has is mostly Toggles and Music Player. Everything else is either superflous or not needed.

3. iBooks: This one is a software thing but i am amazed at Apple entry into digital books. Its the most polished epub file reader ever. The Night mode on it just rocks.

4. Touch ID: I have heard reports of Touch ID being wonky in many scenarios for many users but I have had literally no problems with it. I just works flawlessly every single time. I am also impressed by all the solutions to "what if" questions, in touch ID Failure scenarios.

5. Impressive battery: Sometimes I wonder is it the OS or the quality of Apple Batteries that make them last so long. I have my friend using HTC One and he gets something like 4-5 hours of battery life with continues usage, even though it has larger battery like 2500 mAH. On the other hand, I have had no problems by keeping data and location services open for entire day. Very very impressive indeed considering 5S just has 1570 mAH battery compared to the other Android Monsters carrying 3000 mAH batteries.

Also the charging speed is lightning quick. I have my battery charged from 0 to 100 percent in just 1.5 hrs.

However there are still some changes, I would love to see, which can make my iOS experience more amazing:

1. Always On SIRI: This once is on top of my request list. Right now by pressing and holding home button, it makes me feel I am calling SIRI forcibly every time, when in reality it should have been the other way round. No button press, SIRI must get activated just like Google now gets activated with "OK Google".

2. Dock Removal & Control center improvements: Control center is a nice addition and as I said above its a very positive move forward. How ever I would love to see many more improvements like, ability to add custom toggles, data toggle, location services toggle etc.

Dock is one thing, that has been there in iPhone OS from past 7 years. However it sometimes look ugly on the home screen, particularly when wallpaper is not very colorful. Users should get an option to keep it or remove it.

3. Assistive touch improvements: I am scared to use the home button every time!!

I am afraid that some day the home button might break and the whole device would become useless. But luckily there is an option of Assistive touch on iPhone. I would love to get an option to translate it to home button directly. Right now it requires 2 touches to reach home using Assistive touch button.

4. Better App 2 App communication: I know this is a topic which has been endlessly discussed in every Apple vs Android discussions, but I would like to give, my 2 cents to this discussion.

The way Android does this is very clunky. Apple must build something like login store and unify the accounts used for logging into various services & Apps, just like they do with settings of every app, which are present inside the main settings of operating system. That way its going to be very easy to manage this whole aspect, and there will be centralized control.

I think iOS is already doing it with Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Vimeo. I believe this must be extended further and should be opened up for all the apps.

5. Ability to close the app with some gesture like the way it happens with Windows 8: With the new concept of background refresh it has become more important than ever to close the app from the background as it is possible they might consume data while sitting in background. Of course there is way by which we can stop them from doing a background refresh but that is neither the point nor the solution.

I would love to hear your opinions on my thoughts.