So next gen of flagship Android phones will (probably) be QHD...

Crazy (2560x1440)? Maybe. Too much (for a 5-5.5'' device)? Probably.

My question is, do WP / Lumia really have a choice to withdraw from the pixel/specs race. They already tried it with WP7 and they failed miserably.

Currently, L1520 is probably one of the most powerful smartphone on the market spec wise.

What do you think about these spec wars? Is there any other way for WP / Nokia to go? To differentiate? IMHO, it's the time for Nokia / WP not only to start going hand in hand with its biggest rivals, but also to take the lead when it comes to the (main) specs.

To be clear: I'm not a spec whore, but I'd rather avoid the situation when WP phones are 0,5-1 year behind its rivals spec wise. It hurts the brand / marketshare (but not the UX ,actually). Just look at the Moto X - great phone, but 720p screen and previous gen SoC brought mediocre / mixed reviews.