Ridiculous - Surface 2 still out of stock

Ok....so Christmas rush is over and Microsoft is still out of stock on both versions of the Surface 2 on their website! They even have a "buy now" on the surface page...but when you click through both versions are out of stock. Why not just say "out of stock" so people don't waste their time! http://holiday.microsoftstore.com/store/msusa/en_US/html/pbPage.PDPS/productID.286867200 Talked to retail associates in Best Buy and Staples right before Christmas and they both said they were sold out since Black Friday and did not get any replenishment stock. In fact, Microsoft was calling back their stock of Surface devices so they could sell them through their own stores (for a higher profit margin). Really don't understand how Microsoft could underestimate the demand for their improved Surface 2 devices and the lack of ability to ramp up production during the biggest shopping season.