Which is your preferred type of convertible, and why?

So I'm still not sold on convertibles in general (just watched a Sony VAIO Tap 11 review, it didn't seem great), and was just wondering what others thought of all the different types, their pros and cons, and where the convertible market might go in the future. Stores in my town are still mostly fixating on traditional notebooks, so I don't have the chance to test them all out for myself.

If you need reminding:

  • Tablet w/ kickstand & standalone dock (Surface, VAIO Tap 11)
  • Tablet & hinged, laptop-esque dock (Asus Transformer Book)
  • Rotating display - easel (Dell XPS 12)
  • Rotating display - 360° hinge (Lenovo Yoga Pro 2)
  • 'Folding' display (Sony VAIO Flip 13)
  • Sliding display - (Sony VAIO Duo 11)

Which do you think is the best, in terms of quality, reliability, usability and aesthetics? Do you think we'll see anything more interesting in 2014?