Soundbar that can play multiple inputs simultaneously: do they even exist??

I'm looking for a soundbar or soundbar-like external speaker system for my Samsung 65" Smart TV. The most crucial feature I'm looking for is the ability to play multiple (or at least 2) different audio sources simultaneously through the soundbar. Ideally, this would be an optical audio connection from the TV to the soundbar, and a stereo Bluetooth connection from my phone or iPad to the soundbar, but I would settle for combo of inputs.

I can't find a single soundbar on the market that supports this. Anything that does support multiple concurrent sound inputs is in the "surround sound system" category, and even few of those support it.

Right now, I use an awful setup in which I line sound out from the TV to my MacBook via analog audio line-in, run a program to play line-in audio through the default output audio source, lay my music overtop of that audio, then line it back out to the soundbar I have right now. Frankly I'm just getting annoyed with hacking this together and apart again every time I want my own music in a console video game that doesn't support custom soundtracks.