New tablet takes forever to login to The Verge. Anyone else?

I just received a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 as a gift. I am using Chrome and the Samsung Keyboard to sign in to The Verge. The pop up login box appears that has the username, password, remember me check on and the submit button. For each of these entities, it takes several minutes for the action to be registered. For instance, I try to fill in my username and the text box does not show my typing. But if I leave the page aline, eventually, my typing shows up. Then I move on to the password and the same thing happens. Ditto with the remember me check box and submit button. I am eventually signed in, but it must take over 10 minutes. This is on the full site. I tried switching to the mobile site a d I was able to sign in right away, but when I switched back to the full site, it did not recognize that I was signed in.

If I use the Samsung browser, I am able to sign in quickly as well. Has anyone experienced the same issue?