Why are there no Windows RT notebooks

I was thinking about this due to having a discussion about Chromebooks with someone. Why are there not any Windows RT Notebooks, they would much cheaper than the cheapest tablet and would probably be good use for any old spear Tablet or Netbook parts lying around at Manufacturing plants.

After stilling seeing Windows CE notebooks being sold for $100 at CVS, Riteaid, Wallgreens etc give or take why not a cheap Windows RT notebook that sells for around the same price, with 32GB or 64GB or storage, and no touch screen that is just a very thin laptop?

They would be far cheap than the Surface 1, Surface 2, Dell Venue 8 Pro and Lenovo Mix2, etc plus it would be cheap to make. It would drive the usage of RT up alot and guarantee that there are no more Windows CE or Windows XP devices anymore