Get rid of icons and a bunch of other things.

Do you think that Apple and Google should get rid of icons? Nobody who knows anything about tech likes them. They are old and out dated. They are only useful to old people, tech illiterates, and people who refuse to embrace change.

I think that people should stop buying Android stuff because those Droid phones are so popular. I don't know how Google can compete with the Droid phones that are out. It just makes no sense. Isn't a nexus ripping off from android which is trying to copy the wonderful Droid? And don't forget about those Galaxy phones. Someone said they run the google on them but they don't look like the other ones. I Why would they create all these different brand names to confuse consumers? It makes no sense.

I can't believe that you can't install Mac OS programs onto your iPad!!!!!! This is unacceptable. Why would anyone want one of these things? And then you have to pay extra, EXTRA!!!!, for a keyboard! And the keyboard has to use Bluetooth. BLUETOOTH!!! It is almost 2014, can't Apple create something where it connects to the iPad? I can just see their new revolutionary product: a typing screen cover. Why hasn't anyone created one of those yet?

What is this whole Chromebook thing anyway? Why doesn't it have touch? Can I install iTunes on the thing? Who would spend their hard earned money on a chromebook if you can't use your iTunes on it?

Another thing, what is so great about Chrome? Isn't it just a door that opens up into a doorway? What makes it so wonderful compared to all the other doors you can open to access the web? It's not even full screen! Why would anyone want to use a browser that isn't full screen in 2014? All this talk about screen sizes and resolutions and you still have to devote space to have a stupid "X" in the corner and address bar on top?

What is the bid to do about having all these wonderful "notifications" on your phone and/or tablet? They are clutter. You mean I have to pull down a menu to look at stuff and clear it out or it will stay there until I finally get pissed at looking at them cluttering up my screen? Can't they just go away? Or better yet couldn't there be a way for those stupid and outdated icons to display information instead of the crap taking over the top of my screen?

I just don't understand why we have to put up with all this stuff. We should demand change!