Notifications.....can we ungroup those?

I am not sure if there is a tweak, an Xposed module, or something else as i have searched, but does anyone know of a way to ungroup the notifications on android? This drives me nuts.

I can't really do any action on "6 new messages bunched together and simply shown in an expanded view". As an example, sometimes i will get messages from multiple persons, and i only want to act on one or two and leave others for later, instead of tapping on that expanded view and opening the default screen of the app.

Same goes for other notifications.

If anyone here has used or does use iOS, they know what i am talking about. In iOS each notification shows up separately, which does add clutter for some, but to someone like me it is fine as it allows me to act on a single notification instead of acting on them all.

Any leads would be very much appreciated. Thanks.