Went from Windows 8.1 down to 7, some thoughts

Went back to Windows 7 because my uninstall and power options magically disappeared in 8.1, and plus AMD doesn't have an official Catalyst out for it yet and I was using some hacked drivers that had some wonkiness.

I thought it would still feel like an upgrade, but surprisingly I'm already missing 8.1. I think the single biggest thing is lack of the Synaptics Windows 8 trackpad driver, really accurate and near-60fps smooth scrolling is really worth a lot which you realize when it's gone. If I could get that driver working in 7 that would be great, but I don't think it supports that level of scrolling smoothness at an OS level (am I wrong?).

I'm using an older multitouch driver that HP had out for Synaptics (on my Dell, heh), the official 7/8 driver won't install.

I also miss the much hated start screen actually. Being able to pin big tiles to it helped you remember what was installed. Plus lots of other tweaks throughout Explorer, and animations were smoother on it too, 7 is fairly smooth but on 8 most UI animations were near perfect.

Grumble grumble. I'll probably go back forward in a few months.