Developers, make a Stock app that shows financial statements! Such app doesn't exist yet.

There are plenty of stock apps in the WP8 and W8 stores but none of them show Balance, Cash Flow and Income statements. If you are into investing then you can't make a research solely based on the stock price, market cap and few other ratios that are usually provided by these apps.

Me, and I believe many other investors, must see those financial statements otherwise such apps are useless from research perspective.

Perfect Stock App modules:

  1. Portfolio module (stock count x price, price alerts)
  2. Watch List module (stock symbols with prices, on click show detailed stock info with Yahoo Finance style basic charts, related news and all the ratios and Financial Statements on the next tab)
  3. Company profile summary and annual reports are a big bonus if you can fetch that info from other sites.

That's pretty much all the info one needs to be able to do a quick decision about particular stock.

Keep it simple and fast! We wouldn't mind paying $10 bucks for such an app considering there is a 1 month trial period.

PS: WP8 should be a priority since it's the one used the most away from the desk.