For billions of years, the Earth has silently traveled through space, spinning around the sun without making a sound. Even here on the planet, there's been little to hear. But now with the right recording equipment and processing, we can get a sense of what it sounds like for the planet to spin and spin while looping around the sun. Artist Lotte Geeven has ventured into what she says is the deepest open hole in the world — a location on the border of the Czech Republic that drops down over 5.5 miles, according to Designboom — and recorded what she calls "The Sound of the Earth."

Geeven, who was accompanied by a production team for recording, doesn't say exactly what we're listening to, but presumably it's seismic waves that have been adjusted so that humans can hear them. Her recording is also accompanied by a series of works that includes sculpted damping foam, low frequency speakers, and a seismograph printing the recording. You can see the additional elements of the installation over at her website.