Some ideas to solve W8 problem.

I just thought about how to make Windows 8 feel better, by trying to erase the verge between both modern UI and desktop interface.

Basically, having one app with 2 interfaces could solve the problem.

That's the first obvious thing that came to my mind. If you look at SkyDrive's latest update for Windows desktop, SkyDrive just got integrated into the file system and the little icon in the task bar disappeared with W8.1. I feel like this is just a big fail from Microsoft. They just killed the SkyDrive app in its desktop interface. My understanding is that they want more people to use modern UI, so there is now one way to open the SkyDrive app. But there shouldn't.

What I thought about, is a singular app that can be opened in two ways: a full desktop version of the app, that opens when you click in the icon, and a modern UI version of the app, that appears when you touch the app icon. Did you spot the difference? When you click on an app, it opens in a desktop way, with full menus, as we know software today, and when we touch it, it opens in a touch-friendly way, as we know it today with modern UI. Simple right? How could Microsoft engineer couldn't have thought about that?

With that solution, I would keep the start menu as we know it today in W8.1 as a launcher. It would automatically opens the app that I need, in the interface that I need at any moment. I'm in a rush in the subway, I should be able to touch Photoshop app which would open a humble modern UI interface that could open any of my PS project and contribute to it via touch or a stylus. When I come back home, and I click the app, it should open PS as we know it today, and would open my project as it was last modified.

Is all I said above easy to implement - or just understand ;) - from a developers point of view? I would rather say yes, because I already see devs developing modern UI apps today, that could easily be integrated into a single app project that would combine both interfaces (modern UI and full desktop interface).

Please give me your feedback about these ideas and feel free to contribute in the comments.