skydrive and photos sync

ok after making it my main serviece on my wp and iphone

there is something that really bugs me about skydrive

it doesnt really sync !

for example, i have 200 photos on my phone, they are all backed up in my skydrive, now i removed a couple of junk photos in my phone, they should be removed on skydrive also

i mean if its an answer to apple photostream, they are doing it wrong

i know skydrive is just a cloud storage platform, but microsoft is pithcing it as a slution for integration between mobile and windows8

and thats now whats going on, if i used windows8.1 photos app and retouched an image that should be reflected on the copy on my mobile

am i doing something wrong here ?

note : i am not going to get into why there is no iphoto grade for local storage ans sync for photos, you know something with real features like auto facial recognition and the stuff google is packing in their photo offerings