Is it possible the 13inch iPad is more of an iOS MacBook?

The more I think about it, I don't think this 13 inch rumored iPad is an iPad at all. Something tells me, that Apple is going to release a MacBook running iOS (or hybrid OS) with a 13 inch retina screen and an A7 or maybe A8 processor?

I just don't see Apple releasing a really big iPad, because I just don't see the demand for something like that. But if they branded more as a touchscreen iOS 64-bit MacBook, then there defining a new category.

It's pretty amazing to think of an iOS laptop-type device that I can open iOS pages on and just type away. This would be a really productive iOS machine, and I think a really appealing device for a lot of people. But as far as a large iPad, I think it's a niche market and I just don't see it being a success.

A large iPad is a tough sell...but if Apple releases something like a MacBook air, or a detachable, or something that runs iOS instead of OS X, I would definitely buy it.