Did I go officially insane? Nokia quality issues

OK here’s my rant. I’m on my eighth Windows Phone within two years now. The first one was an HTC Titan. A gorgeous Phone for that time but after a year it showed blue dead pixels on the screen. I had to sell it with a serious loss because I couldn’t get a replacement for this one year old phone. I waited for the "right" Windows Phone until February 2013 for the Lumia 620. Unfortunately this phone had an estimated battery life of 5 hours and a strange dark colour shift on the back (the phone was yellow) so I had to get a replacement. The second time my phone suffered horrendously form the good ol’ Windows Phone 8 storage bug. It dumped it’s storage with empty data and bricked itself when I tried to reset it. After that I decided to spend more money in hope for better quality. So I opted out for a Lumia 920. With this phone again I had horrible battery issues. My second Lumia 920 came with scratches out of the box. My third Lumia 920 had a defective magnetometer after 4 months. Searching for even more quality in the Nokia range I went for a Lumia 1020 after that. The first one lost its entire battery charge over night and had questionable build quality in terms of the buttons which were loose and and flimsy. The second Lumia 1020 that I have now and which I am planning to give back has the infamous dark splotches on its AMOLED (Fail Technology btw) screen and burns its battery life in 12 hours even though I’m not using it. I even made tests in flight mode but it dies soon even so. I love Windows Phone and I would love it even more if these things didn’t happen at all. I am aware of quality issues of phones especially in the launch window but right now I doubt Nokia’s infamous quality. I’m considering to go for a Moto G or a Nexus 5 now.
Am I insane? Shall I work for Nokia and get their phones right because I’m a nitpicky tech nerd or shall I seriously consider playing the lottery? Help.

PS: thanks Amazon for all the replacements!