How KitKat and the Nexus 5 Changed the Way I Use My Device

Nothing has radically changed, but I do now notice that the way I access my apps and set up my homescreen has changed. Why? The Google Experience Launcher.

I've been a huge fan of Nova Prime over the past couple of years; it's a fantastic home screen launcher and it's highly customizable; perhaps, a little TOO customizable. Since getting my N5, I've tried to go as stock as possible to get used to a new way of doing things. That meant no Nova and using the stock launcher. So what have I noticed?

  1. My homescreens are more organized and less cluttered. I'm more discerning about what I will actually put on my homescreens, particularly apps.
  2. I now use the Google Search bar constantly to launch apps that aren't on my homescreen. It's faster than opening up the app drawer and swiping to find an app, and it's almost natural to do now.
  3. I use Google Now more frequently; for some reason, being the left-most panel makes it even more convenenient for me, even though a swipe up gesture does the same thing. It might be because it feels more "instant" for me compared to the way the cards fly in when you launch Now from within a separate app.
What have you guys noticed? Anything similar?