I'm using a Nexus 5 and I have a pin code to secure my device, so when I press the power button the screen lights up and I'm asked to enter a pin.

This obscures half the screen until you drag down from the clock and it just has a padlock at the bottom.

Is there a way to have the screen like this by default?

I use NiLs lockscreen notifications and I'm only able to see a single notification without having to scroll through as the keypad is in the way.

This is the same for some other lockscreen notifications and I've tried a pattern lock or password and the same problem occurs.

I know it's not the biggest problem in the world, but when I'm driving and a notification comes up, I obviously don't want to have to touch the screen to see what came through.

Plus, I want to be able to see my background lockscreen photo without the keypad getting in the way!

Would something like Widget Locker work for me? I don't think there's a free version I can try?