Moto X we ****** up and we r sorry sale ends in less than 10 minutes.

Well, I have no clue why the hell did they have to do it this way. Make people apply for code. The page did not appeared to have application button for good 2-3 minutes after the promotion was suppose to start. Then it shows up.

And in less than 10 minutes its all gone. Promotion was up for less than 5 minutes total I guess.

After I hit submit it took more than a minute but thankfully I got this this beautiful page.



Was that a Joke or what? I would really love to know how many they had for sale and how many they did sell under promotion. My cousin couldn't even submit his application and we were both hitting refresh from our computers from 12 EST sharp.

I genuinely feel bad for the buyers. I really hope they send the codes to all people that received this screen.. If they pull some reason out of their hat for not sending me the code, twitter rage will come their way :P

But seriously, I have lost faith in their ability to do etail business following all this. This was ridiculous. I would expect more from a Google company. Run your promotion longer. People will be ready to wait a bit if there is delay in receiving the product after orders are placed. Or don't try to be a hero and offer simpler promotions. Such debacles cause more -ve publicity than positive.

Edit : just received this email. Little bit relieved.