(3) Questions I have for Windows and Mac, Lovers and Haters. Chime In.

There are no right and wrong answers. I have some questions for a project I'm working on and want to hear people's honest answers, involving Microsoft and Apple.

  1. Microsoft's first PC, the Surface, came out in 2012. 35 years after Apple introduced their computer. Microsoft now has more control of their software and everything else they do. Do you see any changes coming in the industry?
  2. Do you think that Microsoft Windows 8's dynamic tiles/icons structure is the future to enrich our user experience? Or static icons?
  3. Where do you see interface design in the future, for Windows, Mac OS, Android, etc? Windows is evolving, but do you see Mac OS's menu bar at the top and dock at the bottom, relevant in let's say, year 2100?