Imagine cheap costing mobile games on xbox one

i have spent a nearly two weeks with the xbox one and have to say i think the console is really great. there are little quirks and times where the interface slows down (although I'm sure this is just a case of software needing optimisation which Microsoft do very well). regardless of this i find it intriguing that the ui and application part of the operating system is based on windows. whilst i am certainly not an expert on software development i find the concept that microsoft could enable applications to be ported from windows very intriguing. which as a gamer brings about something hugely exciting. What if the games we play on our phones, tablets and pc's could be easily ported into the windows portion of the xbox os?

lets consider how much mobile games have improved over the last couple years, the asphalt games, need for speed most wanted, dead trigger are great games and look incredible on handsets and tablets. so if we are to consider that this trend of mobile game improvement is going to continue, then should we not also consider that perhaps these games will get to the point where we don't just want to play them on just our phones and tablets, but perhaps we also want to continue our play sessions of these games on our consoles. if you're anything like me then you probably get addicted to games for long periods of time. i think i have spent about 1000 hours between oblivion and morrowind. if there was a game like this that was so gripping from the perspective of plot and characters and yet so fun to play on a phone, then what is stopping that game from being played with a controller on a console. our progress could be saved across the different devices over xbox live and the console version of the game can be updated so that it uses some of the extra horsepower of the console. it seems like the future of gaming. our gaming experiences travel with us.

as i said i am definitely not a software expert, but this concept really is intriguing, and i think whats missing from the x1 experience is little games that are addictive and fun that we can purchase for like £1-5 ( or a couple dollars). i love AAA and blockbuster games, but sometimes its fun just to download a quaint little zombie shooter game like dead trigger. love to hear what else people think would be interesting about such a concept.