My Nexus 5 battery is awful, as in possibly defective

Hey all,

I have had my 32 GB Nexus 5 since mid-November. I read that others were experiencing erratic battery life from theirs but mine was great for the first couple of weeks. Now recently it has been awful. I get up around 7 in the morning and take it off the charger, barely use it at work, then by 8 in the evening it is dead.

Has anyone else experienced this? It also takes a very long time to charge now. I've loved this phone so far but I think my unit may be defective and I'm about to look into getting a replacement.

It may also be worth noting that around the time that my battery issues began I switched from Simple Mobile to T-Mobile. I can't see how this is relevant, but maybe someone out there can make a connection.

So what do you think, should I look into replacing it? Has anyone ever dealt with Google for a replacement of a defective device? Is it a pain?