AnandTech's Nexus 5 Review


TL:DR version...

Battery: Nexus 5 outlasts Moto X on Wifi/4G LTE/3G Browsing and Talk Time battery tests and can keep up with the 5s and RAZR Maxx HD in some as well.


The camera story on the Nexus 5 is among the most frustrating aspects of this phone. From a hardware perspective, Google has settled on a combination of sensor and optics that's quite close to the most optimal configuration available today, and a dramatic improvement from the Nexus 4. The problem with the Nexus 5's camera is entirely limited to the horrible mess that is the default Android camera app. We're nearly into 2014 yet substantial shutter lag, focusing issues and a preview that doesn't reflect reality are still problems with the AOSP camera. The fact that many other Android OEMs have already worked around some if not all of these issues is hugely disappointing. Depending on how important the camera experience is to you will really determine whether or not the Nexus 5 is a good fit. Google has apparently told other publications that software fixes are on the way, but it's currently impossible to gauge the magnitude of improvement coming down the pipe.