Opinion on OS X system wallpapers

On my non-retina MacBook Pro I can't help but notice that the Mavericks wallpaper, while having very interesting colours, really just doesn't look all that great. In a recurring trend, I also disliked the galaxy wallpaper that shipped with Mountain Lion, it was just too boring. On the other hand the default wallpaper in Lion had much more saturated colours as well as a larger range of colours (dark blue, blue, purple, yellow [...cream?]).

It's noticeable especially in Launchpad where the colours just better highlight the icons and create a sort of dark theme in the operating system. I suppose Apple might be following-suit with other companies like Google who are going for a lighter system appearance with Android. It could even be just to keep some sort of consistency with the white canvas of iOS 7.

It just seems like the default wallpapers are getting a bit boring, does anyone share this view? Oppose it? I know it's mostly down to personal preferences, but I'm talking in terms of aesthetics, and the new wallpapers are pretty neutral.