Nexus 5 verge users: how about the new camera software?

Hey guys,

now that the update for the camera software is out, what do you think of it?

I've noticed significant improvements to focusing. It's fast now, very fast, and it gets the focus right almost all the time. Like my iphone 5, basically...that one is still a little faster but it can be wrong with focusing too - tapping the desired area helps on both devices.

What's more? Well, it seems like Google reduced the exposure times across the board and counteracted that with higher ISO. This works well with most shots, from bright daylight to normally lit rooms. But these changes have introduced a significant potential for additional noise, and from a certain level of low light there's no way not to notice that. Using HDR for these shots, on the other hand, helps a lot and delivers good looking pictures, so i guess this is a good tradeoff.

For image quality, this is my verdict so far:

Bright daylight: No real changes

Medium light: definitely a lot of improvements.

Low light: Actually a little worse than before, but hdr+ takes great looking night shots.

What do you think?