Calling BS on N5 camera update "fix"

4.4.1 is supposed to fix (or work toward fixing) the Android problem with shutter delay. Am I the only one who thinks Google is putting their foot in their mouth here? It's not going to fix, or even improve the shutter problem, because that seems to be a problem with Android per se, at a low level. Google says it's solving the shutter delay problem by not refocusing after you press the shutter, but plenty of other cameras ALREADY don't delay the shutter, and they still have the shutter lag because it's a low level problem with how Android handles software access to hardware features (particularly camera features including the shutter and the LED). Even if you try to turn on a flashlight, it won't turn on until 1-2 seconds after you push the button, because like the shutter, it takes Android — not the particular camera or flashlight app — 1-2 seconds to let the app use the camera or LED.

Having said that, I HOPE they solve the shutter delay, but I'm not holding my breath. What I'm really looking forward to is when they release the new API that everyone's talking about, and that probably won't happen until the next letter version of Android.