What if screens didn't have to be flat? It's a question designers and engineers have been asking for years as they imagined tablets you could roll up like a newspaper, or mocked-up smartwatches that were just screens coiled around our wrists. Displays could be even larger while devices shrank; they could be more durable and more flexible; they could even be on all four sides of a smartphone instead of just one. It would change how we think about screens, and how we interact with the devices we use every day.

While everyone dreamed, LG went to work and built its first-ever curved phone, the G Flex; it and the Samsung Galaxy Round are the only smartphones of their kind. The G Flex is a high-end smartphone in every way, but its 6-inch screen doesn't lay flat — it bends. And it flexes.

Bendable, foldable, flexible screens have long hovered on the horizon; now, LG’s hoping that it can make them a reality. Is the sci-fi dream of a moldable display about to come true?