2014 Apple Predictions Thread!

What do you predict Apple will release in 2014? A larger iPad? A smaller iPhone? A larger iPhone? A smaller iPad? Will this be the year Apple finally brings back the iPod socks? Or perhaps the iPod HiFi will finally be updated with a lightening port?

Personally...I think 2014 will be a historic year for Apple, rivaling 2010, 2007, and 2001.

Here are my 2014 Apple predictions:

1) 12-13 Inch retina - A7 powered - iOS-based Macbook Air

Personally, I don't believe these 13 inch iPad Pro rumors. I think if the success of the iPad Mini tells us anything, its that people aren't really looking for a bigger iPad. Maybe a niche Prosumer market, but real Pros tend to gravitate towards OS X based machines. My feeling is that Apple wants to create a new type of MacBook Air, with a retina touch display, a 64 bit A7 or A8 processor, amazing battery and performance, and runs iOS. I think it could have some amazing hinge technology that allows it to lie like a tablet so it is better used for touch input. I think Apple will do something AMAZING, and redefine this category once again like they did with the Macbook Air (and subsequent "ultrabook" clones)

2) 5-Inch iPhone 6 (Expansion of the iPhone family)

I think that this is pretty much 100% going to happen. Whether or not you personally want a large screen iPhone, the masses have spoken and larger phones are quite popular. I think the iPhone 6 is going to be a mind-blowing product. It will have a much bigger 5-inch retina screen, but Apple will use some sort of new technology to allow more of an edge to edge display so that the phone is physically not that much bigger. Maybe curved glass? I think that they'll keep the 4inch form factor for the time being as a sort of iPhone mini, but will discontinue the 3.5 inch 4S.

3) iWatch

Apple release the iWatch in 2014. I think it will actually be called "iWatch" because lets face it, thats an awesome name and very consistent with Apple's "i" branding. Some say it will be stripped down like a Nike Fuel Band on steroids, but I disagree. I think Apple is going for the gold. It will have a curved display with willow glass, and come in two different screen sizes. The screen will be big enough to perform most tasks, and will run a modified version of iOS. It will have one eek battery life, and will have its own app store running iWatch apps. Apple will announce that "another new gold rush for developers is here!" It will be the first smart watch everyone will ever want to own, and it will blow people's minds.

4) iPad Mini 2 and iPad Air 2 -

Nothing too new. Retina Mini will have a better screen, and they will both have 2GB of RAM and Touch ID. Nothing more.

5) iOS 8

This will be a HUGE feature release. iOS 7.1 will be released soon and squash most of the bugs and complaints people have with iOS 7 (sluggishness). iOS 8 will make iOS more productive by allowing apps to integrate with each other more. It will have some sort of iDrive-type integration on iCloud, satisfying most people's request for a file system, and users will be able to create iOS-style folders with files and actions in them...not just apps (Think iWork style folders of documents that that be created on the springboard)

Anyway...thats about all I have right now. I personally think everything I predicted will come true this year. 2014 will be a groundbreaking year for Apple.