Still trying to buy a Moto G...

So I was hoping to pick up a Moto G for my mom's birthday, but I still haven't been able to.

First, Moto's online checkout process was completely broken for me. When I attempt to progress past the "payment details" page, it simply returns to the page saying "Please correct the errors below." But there's nothing indicated as an error. Nothing in red, highlighted, anything. Everything is filled out. However, every time, it reverts my billing address back to my payment address. I even tried going into my profile, adding it as another address, and selecting it, but it made no difference. Their online support wasn't able to do anything to help and simply recommended I call their sales team.

So I call the sales team, which takes 3 separate attempts because their phone system seems to have problems connecting. It kept just giving me dead air after telling me to wait for someone. Eventually I'm able to wait on hold for 10 minutes, only to have the conversation abruptly end right when I hear a human start talking. I try to call back several times, and I'm only able to get the dead air wait again.

The next morning, I try to order online again with no change. So I call back the number, wait 10 minutes, get transferred to another department and wait another 10 minutes before I get connected with someone. After getting my name and email address, the rep tells me the billing and shipping address need to be the same. I ask for an alternative, or a way to verify my ownership of the card, or another payment method, anything. Nope, there's no other option.

Since I work M-5, from 7AM to about 6PM with a 40 minute drive each way, I'm never home to receive packages, and most companies either don't care, or offer verification. I also don't like the idea of leaving a small, $200 parcel on my front porch for several hours, so I usually just have shipments sent to my work. In fact, my job is primarily online sales, and we just do simple credit card verification when the billing and shipping addresses don't match. Why a company as large as Motorola can't do this is beyond me.

I guess at this point I'm going to see if I can change my billing address, at least temporarily. This is just so stupid.