What resolution do you run on your rMBP?

I just got a 13" rMBP and I am having some difficulty adjusting to the scaled up resolution. I looks amazing, but everything is so much larger.
Before, this is how I had my screen setup on my 13" Air

via dl.dropboxusercontent.com

I've tried having the dock at the bottom, but I think this a bad way to use a laptop of this size, it pretty much makes all the space either side of the dock unusable, and I like having the dock too much to hide it.

I use Moom to resize all my windows, and it doesn't seem to like the scaled resolution, I don't seem to have the same amount of control over the windows as before, and when I got them resembling the way they were before, the websites that ere being displayed became a big problem, do people just use the zoom tool in chrome to get it looking the way it normally would? Does this negate the "Retina" of the screen?

Or, do you just use the resolution scaler to get it to look like 1440 x 900? Again, does this make the Retina pointless?

I have never thought about this with a screen before, and now that it is an issue, it's pretty much all I can think about, I feel like I need to change the way I use my laptop around this new screen.

How about you?