Schmidt Happens

After reading Eric Schmidt's latest comments about drones, I am finally convinced that Larry Page needs to put a muzzle on Schmidt and bar him from making public statements while employed at Google.

Schmidt thinks drones should be banned because of privacy concerns of your neighbor hovering a drone over your backyard. Never mind that Google tries to record every possible piece of data about you wherever they can. Never rmnd that Google is developing self-driving cars which are essentially drones as well (i.e.: they have cameras on them and navigate on their own).

Schmidt thinks an international ban on drones will prevent terrorists from using drones. When was the last time you heard of a terrorist asking what was illegal or legal before proceeding with whatever actions he wanted to take? If a terrorist wanted to use a remote-controlled helicopter in an attack, then there is nothing to prevent that. But we should bar some kid from getting a remote-controlled helicopter for Christmas because of that possibility?

Schmidt continues to make very stupid statements to the press about so many things. I think he is Google's weakest link from a PR perspective. He makes Google look like a bunch of idiots when in fact there are some really brilliant minds on the executive team. That's my opinion.