If you work out, do yourself a favor and invest in some Bluetooth headphones!

Before I had wireless earbuds, I can't tell you how many times I've knocked my phone from a cardio machine because something got caught on the cord. My brand new iPhone 5 looked like a mess in a matter of months.

Now, I am not clumsy. I can't remember the last time I legitimately dropped my phone due to my own blunder. I haven't dropped my iPhone 5S yet, and I'm caseless. I make sure to keep a Kung fu grip on my phone, especially over concrete. There's just something about a headphone cord that will inevitably catch on something and send your $700 smartphone flying across the gym in a freak accident.

I always preferred setting my phone on the little magazine rack on the elliptical, but it had gotten so bad that I was practically forced to just keep my phone in my pocket whilst on the elliptical machine, lest the cord catches and sends my precious iPhone flying.

Not anymore.

A revelation came to me (albeit, entirely too late for my liking). It was this: stop being a boob and get some Bluetooth earbuds. The benefits are glorious and it's probably the best purchase I've made in a while. Not only do they not catch on anything, but I am much less encumbered, as I'm not babysitting a cord running from my head to my pocket, being mindful of swinging elliptical arms catching on it.

The earbuds I chose were the LG Tone+ HBS-730w, and, let me tell you, they sound amazing. The sound signature is great, the bass very good for a pair of earbuds, and the battery life is great, I only need to charge them twice a week at the most. And that's with using them almost 4 hours a day playing music.

Honestly, I'm shocked that I don't see more people with wireless headphones. The experience had been liberating and almost transformative. Peace of mind at last.

So, all you cardio rats, consider some wireless headphones if you find yourself juggling your phone due to things getting caught on that headphone cord!