Possible Google Glass Ideas

The Google Glass isn't available for retail but this is amazing technology and technology can always have improvements added on to it. Here are some ideas that I thought of myself.


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  • Google glass need to a type of fitness app for example Runtastic this would make google glass more appealing becuase who doesn't want a personal trainer on Google Glass.
  • Support to make videos longer than 10 seconds becuase that just make sense

Just like photos, you can use a voice action to start video recording by saying "ok glass, record a video."

You'll see a live view on your display of your current recording and a time counter for your video recording. Videos are 10 seconds in length by default. To continue recording, tap your touchpad and select Extend video. To stop recording, tap the touchpad and swipe to select Stop recording.

Use the physical camera button as a shortcut by holding it down for one second to start recording. Press the button again while recording to extend the video. Pressing the button while recording an extended video will stop the recording.

View and share your videos from your Glass timeline or your Google+ Auto Backup album.- Google Glass Help Center

  • Prescription lenses this would be for people that need glass because let's face they are glasses right! It would also make Google Glass sales increase by ten fold and would also add more hype to the product.

How it Feels [through Google Glass] (via Google)

  • This may not seem important to everyone but Google need to make glass more customizable this could be achieved through a Glass Designer a good example would be Motorola's Moto Maker. The only reason this should be added is you are paying $1500 for these glasses so the buying experience should be good as well as the user experience.


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